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Flooring Installation

Installation is the Key Ingredient in Any Flooring Renovation

Proper installation can enhance the look and longevity of your floor. At Patti-Lynn, we take great pride in offering our customers quality flooring and window covering installation.

We have been an installation company for over 38 years and most of our installation experts are 2nd and 3rd generation flooring trades people. Together, we combine a pool of knowledge and experience that we draw from every day to help you have a positive installation experience. As part of our installation philosophy, we don't pretend to know everything - which is why we learn and experiment with new techniques and go out of our way to try the latest tools and products that the industry has to offer.

To support our installation team, we ensure that they receive all the latest schooling available on their area of expertise when necessary, including certification direct from the manufacturers.

Our certifications and memberships include:

Keeping our installers up-to-date is important to our business because they leave the final impressions with customers and are the key to repeat customers and word-of-mouth sales.